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Follow our team to get the latest updates for events in your area, expert advice and tips on how to take better photos, new product news, contest updates, videos and so much more.

 Our Corporate Pages
  Twitter | @TamronUSA
Instagram | @TamronUSA
Facebook | @TamronLensesUSA

Our Technical Photographer Team
Our team of technical experts and photographers travel all around the USA teaching photography classes and helping people choose the right lens at shows and camera store events.

Jeff Allen Jeff Allen
Facebook | @TamronTechJeff
Watch Jeff’s video: https://youtu.be/pzc7bcfNfE8
Jillian Bell Jillian Bell
Twitter | @BellTamronUSA
Instagram | @BellTamronUSA
Facebook | @BellTamronUSA
Watch Jillian’s video: https://youtu.be/LKjYo8Bijjg
Armando Flores Armando Flores
Twitter | @AFTamronTech
Instagram | @AFTamronTech
Facebook | @AFTamronTech
Watch Armando’s video: https://youtu.be/k8EYJMUQ9Yk
Ken Hubbard Ken Hubbard
Facebook | @TamronKenHubbard
Watch Ken’s video: https://youtu.be/6XpOzNXs-Fc
Patrick Nagle Patrick Nagle
Instagram | @TamronPatNagle
Facebook | @TamronPatNagle
Watch Patrick’s video: https://youtu.be/4rJMn0moV1Q
Erica Robinson Erica Robinson
Instagram | @TamronTechErica
Facebook | @TamronTechErica
Watch Erica’s video: https://youtu.be/jNVfil6djZo
Our Local Team
Follow our local Tamron team members in your area for the latest updates about classes and events happening near you, as well as lots of Tamron news.
KT Leung KT Leung, National Business Manager & Select NY
Facebook | @Tamron.KT
Greg Hearst Greg Hearst, DC, DE, MD, NC, SC, VA
Facebook | @TamronGregHearst
Andrew Martin Andrew Martin, Northeast Region—ME, NH, VT, Upstate NY, MA. CT, RI
Instagram | @TamronAndrewM
Facebook | @TamronAndrewM
Jeff Voegeli Jeff Voegeli, Southern Region—MS, AL, GA, FL
Twitter | @TamronJeffV
Instagram | @TamronJeffV
Facebook | @TamronJeffV
Bob Sims Bob Sims, Eastern IN, OH , Western PA, KY & TN
Facebook | @tamronEC
Instagram | @tamron_bob
Steve Ostrander Steve Ostander, WI, IL, MI, IN
Facebook | @TamronSteveOstrander
Marc Morris Marc Morris, Rocky Mountain Region—AZ, NM, CO, WY, UT
Twitter | @TamronRM
Instagram | @TamronRM
Facebook | @TamronRM
Mike Pazandak Mike Pazandak, Upper Midwest region—ND, SD, NE, KS, MO, IA, WI, MN
Instagram | @TamronMike
Facebook | @TamronUpperMidwestRegion
Ric Samuels Ric Samuels, TX, OK, MO, AR, LA
Facebook | @TamronRepRicSamuels
Greg Becker Greg Becker, Southern CA, NV
Facebook | @TamronGregBecker
Ben Hutchinson

Ben Hutchinson, OR, WA, Northern CA, Northern NV, AK
Facebook | @tamron.benhutchinson

Instagram | @tamronpnw_benhutchinson