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Ranging from anti-reflection multiple-layer coatings to dichroic and/or metal coatings, Tamron fulfills a wealth of customer needs, including shiftless coating design and process within a tolerance of 2~3 nm. In compliance with specific requirements associated with transmissive or reflective characteristics at a given wavelength range, Tamron can deliver customized coatings from prototype sample to production stage.

Extensive assortment and quick turn-around time

Applicable dimensions ø2-ø1,000mm
Wavelength Range 250-3,200nm
Products Multiple-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating
(On glass and/or plastic substrate),
Polarization Coating,
Non-Polarized Half Mirrors,
Dichroic Mirror/Filter, Enhanced Reflection Mirrors,
Laser Mirror, Cold Mirror/ Filters,
Low Pass Filters