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Tamron's tests, both in spherical and flat configurations, represent the company's spirit of craftsmanship nurtured over the course of many years. The wide array of test plates serves as solid testament to the quality control put forth at the company's optical element production lines.

Extensive assortment and quick turn-around time

Master Test Plates

A pair of Test Plates constitutes the master standard for curvature and/or perfect flatness. Spherical Test Plates consist of a concave and convex pair, while Flat Test Plates are comprised of three flat plate units.

Production Test Plates

A set of Test Plates is used for inspection of lens elements at the production line. It is replicated from the master. As the pertinent surface sustains wear and tear and/or damage after a period of use, a precisely replicated replacement is produced from the very same master.


Tamron's Test Plates are produced in conformity with tolerances as specified below:

Test Plate Diameter Accuracy of Curvature
Curvature Tolerance
Spherical ø2.5-ø150mm <200mm
Flat ø5-ø300mm  

Test Plates Itemized List
This table lists the curvature and curvature precision of master test plates currently owned by Tamron.
We also manufacture master test plates, production test plates, and Δh test plates.
Note that master test plates manufactured by Tamron are built to levels of precision within the tolerance range shown in the following curvature table.
Inquire separately if you wish other specifications.

Category Diameter Surface Accuracy
Radius Tolerance
Spherical Test Plates 1mm-150mm <200mm ±0.02%
201mm-500mm ±0.03%
501mm-3000mm ±0.05%
3001mm-6000mm ±0.1%
6001mm-9999mm ±0.2%
10000mm-19999mm ±200m/m
20000mm-29999mm ±300m/m
30000mm-39999mm ±500m/m
> 40000mm TBD
Flat Test Plates 5mm-300mm  

Product curvature values were found at Tamron.
Let us know in advance if you will be confirming curvature precision at your business after product delivery.

Select the required curvature (R) from the following. (Revised May 7, 2014)

R=1.0-5.0 R=61.0-70.0
R=6.0-10.0 R=71.0-80.0
R=11.0-15.0 R=81.0-95.0
R=16.0-20.0 R=96.0-119.0
R=21.0-25.0 R=120.0-169.0
R=26.0-30.0 R=170.0-219.0
R=31.0-35.0 R=220.0-299.0
R=36.0-40.0 R=300.0-699.0
R=41.0-50.0 R=700.0-1790.0
R=51.0-60.0 R=1800-50000

Test Plate Handbook