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Our Top Tips and Recommendations for Night Sky Photography

Constellations. Stars. The Moon. The Milky Way. The night sky is full of incredible subjects that make gorgeous photographs – if you know how to shoot them properly! In this blog post from the camera lens manufacturer experts at Tamron, we’ll discuss a few simple tips and tricks you can use to shoot the night sky effectively.

1. Find the Right Place to Shoot

First, make sure you find an area that’s relatively free of light pollution. Light from cities and towns will drown out the stars and other night sky objects, particularly with long exposures. This interactive map will help you find the right place to shoot!

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2. Integrate the Foreground

Make sure to integrate the foreground into your shots as much as possible. Trees, cliffs, hills, and other objects contrast well with the night sky, and help add valuable depth and perspective to your shots.

You may even want to light up the foreground by bringing your own lights or light paint with a flashlight. This can add more visual contrast.

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3. Use the Right Lens

For a mirrorless lens, we’d suggest the 17-28mm f2.8 A046, which is compatible with Sony E-Mount. This fast wide-angle lens is light, small, and provides an excellent picture in a compact package. This is a great wide-angle lens, so it is excellent for capturing the foreground and the expansive sky.

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4. Set Your Exposure Settings

For nighttime shots, a good place to start is at ISO 3200 using the widest aperture on your lens and expose for 20 seconds. Then, you can adjust the ISO as necessary to ensure you reduce graininess while still getting sharp results.

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The right techniques and the right gear both matter for night sky shots. So, visit one of your authorized Tamron dealers today, explore the A046 and A041 lenses, and see why we’re one of the leading camera lens manufacturers in the US.

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