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A056 Commercial Portraits

The Tamron model A056 is a lightweight, compact lens designed for active telephoto shooting with Sony full frame mirrorless lens cameras. This lens is ideal for those who are looking to take striking portraits, particularly for fashion and lifestyle applications, but what exactly are the features that make this lens so desirable, and what value does it provide over other options?

We’ll delve into some of the finer points of the model A056 as they relate to commercial portraits to give you a clearer picture of what this lens has to offer.

© Maxim Guselnikov
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The Model A056 Features

As of January 2020, this lens was the lightest and most compact F/2.8 telephoto zoom lens in its class. This means that the Tamron A056 is perfect for photographers that want to be prepared to snap crisp, rich photos whenever the opportunity presents itself.

This Tamron 70-180mm f/2.8 Di III VXD lens for Sony E Mount is unique in that it features incredibly high levels of autofocus speed—in fact, it has the first linear motor AF drive focus mechanism in Tamron’s 70-year history.

The Tamron A056 has a minimum object distance of just 33.5 in. (despite its telephoto zoom), for unbelievable close-up photography. When Tamron developed this lens, we sought to strike a balance between technical capability and artistic richness, which is why the optical construction has been masterfully arranged to prioritize image quality.

These are some of the most impressive features of the Tamron A056, but what makes this lens so perfectly suited for commercial portraits?

© Noriyuki Watabe
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Why Is the Model A056 Ideal for Portraiture?

Anyone who has shot portraits professionally or recreationally knows that you need your images to come out both clear and color-rich. The Tamron A056 does an excellent job of not muddying up colors, so photographers can simply let the sensor do what it’s supposed to.

In terms of clarity, the incredibly fast autofocus on this lens makes it easier than ever to capture crisp images. No matter where you’re shooting, the model A056 ensures that your portraits appear completely focused.

Many times, commercial portraits today are shot on location rather than in studios. The lightweight and compact nature of the Tamron A056 allows photographers to comfortably carry this lens with them, so whether you’re walking around a city to capture street style photos or traversing a hiking trail to snap engagement photos, the model A056 will simplify the experience.

© Noriyuki Watabe
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What Advantages Does the Model A056 Offer?

The most obvious reason that a photographer would opt to purchase this lens over other Sony-compatible models is the price point. Despite the fact that the Tamron A056 is so technologically advanced, it’s significantly less expensive than similar lenses.

This means that photographers who are serious about capturing stunning portraits can purchase multiple Tamron lenses that will yield images that are equally sharp and dynamic for the same price as a single lens from other manufacturers.

© Maxim Guselnikov
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Another huge benefit of the model A056 is simply its versatility. From the incredible autofocus and the telephoto zoom range to the tiny MOD and close-up capabilities, this lens is capable of achieving practically anything that a portrait photographer could want, and it’s lightweight to boot. Many lenses simply cannot offer this range of advantages.

Any photographer with a Sony E Mount camera who’s interested in boosting their portraiture abilities significantly is bound to find that the Tamron A056 changes their perspective fundamentally. To purchase this lens and any other Tamron product, find an authorized Tamron dealer today.

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