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B028 Landscape

The world is full of spectacular sights, and if you’re the sort of person who wants to capture the most stunning moments and freeze them forever, then the Tamron B028 is the perfect lens to add to your camera bag. As the world’s only 22.2x ultra-high telephoto zoom lens, this Tamron 18-400mm lens empowers you to capture action that would otherwise be out of reach.

Whether you photograph landscapes seriously, or it’s simply a hobby that you’re looking to pursue in earnest, we’ll help you see why the Tamron B028 can enhance your shooting experience by discussing some of the specific features that make it so perfectly suited to landscape applications.

© Ken Hubbard
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A Wide-Angle Lens with Ultra-Telephoto Capabilities

Picture this: you have just traversed a trail to reach a picturesque overlook, and are now preparing to take a sweeping landscape photo, when you notice a hawk landing on the branch of a tree within view. While you would ordinarily need to switch lenses in order to capture a truly striking image of the bird, the Tamron B028 allows you to take an incredible landscape shot, then zoom in for a detailed image of that hawk moments later.

Best of all, both of the images you take in this example will be equally breathtaking in terms of quality thanks to the impeccable optical performance and the zoom versatility of the model B028.

Versatile Shooting for World Travelers

If you’re interested in capturing the most stunning images possible of landscapes both near and far, then the Tamron B028 was designed for you. Many photographers who pack their cameras for distant travels are disappointed when they find that their landscape photos do not properly capture the magnitude of the sights in front of them; this is because many lenses do not properly adjust the perspective.

The Tamron B028 performs perspective-flattening effects, so the photos taken with this lens are just as impactful as the real-life subjects; this effect is only possible with an ultra-telephoto lens. Whether you want to convey the breathless wonder of the rolling hills on the Emerald Isle, or the bustling ambiance of the market at Marrakech, the Tamron B028 will ensure that your images don’t fall short.

In addition to the assurance that your photos will turn out beautifully when you use the model B028, this lens also offers another huge benefit while traveling: extra space. Compared to packing two lenses (one for wide-angle vistas and a telephoto to bring the subject closer), this all-in-one Tamron B028 zoom is incredibly compact, so you’ll have far more room when packing.

© Frantisek Zvardon
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Ideal for a Range of Popular Brands

The model B028 was designed as an interchangeable DSLR lens from the camera lens manufacturer experts at Tamron, and it is compatible with both Nikon and Canon cameras. It also operates exceptionally well on Canon, Nikon, and Sony mirrorless cameras when using the manufacturer’s adapter.

As you can probably guess, despite its incredible performance capabilities, the Tamron B028 is far more affordable than wide-angle and telephoto lenses from either Nikon or Canon, so photographers who opt for this lens will have more funds to dedicate to traveling to breathtaking landscapes.

Perfect for Beginners, Enthusiasts, and Professionals

Though the Tamron B028 certainly takes professional-quality photos, it doesn’t require a trained eye to properly operate, and it will allow hobbyists a far simpler transition into landscape photography. If you have found yourself frustrated with the fact that your landscapes aren’t turning out as well as you would like, then this lens is the perfect solution.

© Ken Hubbard
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Professionals who need to purchase a number of different lenses will find that the Tamron B028 adds incredible value to their camera bags thanks to its cost-effectiveness. To purchase your own Tamron B028 and begin capturing the landscape photos that you have always dreamed about, find an authorized Tamron dealer near you.

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