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F05 Series Street, Lifestyle, Food

For photographers, there’s no better view of the world than through a camera lens, and the Tamron F05-Series of primes for mirrorless lens Sony cameras ensures that you won’t miss out on any of life’s splendors while you’re busy trying to capture them. Prime lenses simplify the photography experience, and our F05 Sony E-mount Series lenses allow you to capture your favorite elements of life in stunning color and clarity.

These Tamron prime lenses give you a wide view of the world around you, so you can capture scenes from the street, lifestyle shots, or even photos of food with your Sony full-frame or crop-sensor (APS-C) mirrorless camera. To help you decide which lens from the Tamron F05-Series will best meet your needs, we’ve compared the options.

The Tamron F050

This fast Tamron 20mm F/2.8 for Sony E Mount Lenses has an ultra-wide angle with an incredibly close focus. The fast-handling Tamron F050 is extremely portable thanks to its lightweight and compact size—it weighs just 7.8 oz., and and is only 2.5 inches long. With a minimum object distance (MOD) of just 4.3 inches, this lens allows you to get incredibly close to subjects, or to keep your distance to capitalize on the high image quality of the ultra-wide images.

This lens can achieve a magnification ratio of 1:2, so when you are incredibly close to a subject, you will still be able to capture phenomenal detail, complemented by a pleasing softness in the background.

© Ken Hubbard
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The Tamron F051

Next in the F05-Series prime lenses, this Tamron 24mm f/2.8 lens transcends many of the barriers that other wide-angle lenses encounter. Weighing just 7.6 oz., it’s easy to take the Tamron F051 anywhere to capture crisp images. This lens is ideally suited to capture everything from urban cityscape to candid lifestyle shots.

© Klaus Wohlmann
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The Tamron F051 has a minimum object distance of 4.7 inches, and it features an identical magnification ratio of 1:2. This means that, similar to the F050, the F051 can produce both crisp wide-angle photos and dramatic close-up images.

The Tamron F053

The Tamron 35mm F2.8 prime lens in the F05-series is incredibly good at controlling aberrations to produce visually superior images. The natural perspective and field of view on the Tamron F053 allow for instinctive image capture despite the fixed focal length, so you’ll be able to easily photograph everything from your plate of food to the flora you encounter on a hike.

With a minimum object distance of 5.9 inches and a magnification ratio of 1:2, remarkably creative close-up shots are a snap.

What Makes These Lenses Special?

Now that we’ve discussed some of the ways that the Tamron F05-Series lenses differ, let’s explore how they are similar. Each of these lenses is designed to fit Sony E Mount cameras (designed for full-frame, they fit comfortable on crop sensor cameras, too and offer 30mm, 36mm. 52mm equivalent focal lengths respectively); they are all incredibly compact and versatile, so traveling with an F05-Series lens is easy and beneficial since you won’t need to change your lens as often. And each features Moisture-Resistant Construction for confidence when shooting in inclement weather; the same small Ø67mm filter size that makes sharing expensive polarizing filters between the lenses easy; and the same 2.5” short profile.

© Klaus Wohlmann
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While the different focal lengths of these prime lenses means that they are uniquely suited for slightly different situations, all Tamron F05-Series lenses can imbue images with a lovely bokeh thanks to the optical design combined with their F2.8 aperture that so many photographers seek when they are taking close-up photos.

Thanks to Tamron’s proprietary coating on these lenses, they can capture incredible outdoor images regardless of how unusual the environment may be. Tamron F05-Series lenses will bring your wildest ambitions to life, whether your skills are at a professional level or you’re just beginning your photography journey.

© Alexander Ahrenhold
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To purchase a Tamron F05-Series lens of your own, find one of our authorized Tamron dealers near you, and start capturing the true beauty of life’s most vibrant details.

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