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Why Do I Need a Fast Aperture Lens? Explaining The Basics

You may have heard the term “fast lens” or “fast glass.” What does it mean, and why would you need a lens with a fast aperture? Let’s explore the basics in this blog from the mirrorless lens experts at Tamron and discuss our all-new trio of mirrorless zoom lenses for Sony cameras, the 17-28mm f2.8 A046, 28-75mm f/2.8 G2 A063, and 70-180mm f/2.8 Di III VXD A056, that are ideal for anyone who needs fast aperture lenses.

What Is a Fast Aperture Lens?

The “speed” of a lens does not refer to its autofocus speed or shutter speed. Rather, it refers to how much light travels through the lens while the shutter is open – it’s the “speed” of how much light is entering!

This is determined by the size of the lens aperture. A faster lens means the maximum aperture is larger, and more light will hit the sensor compared to a “slower” lens. This is usually expressed in an “f-number.” The smaller this number is (like F2.8), the “faster” the lens is, and vice-versa.

How Can I Use a Fast Aperture Lens?

Fast aperture lenses allow photographers to capture a shallow depth-of-field, meaning the subject is in focus while the background is more blurred. This is great for portraits and for other creative shots.

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And when there’s less light available, a fast aperture lens helps you make the most of the light you do have. The large aperture means you can get a clear, crisp shot, even when other lenses may produce blurry images due to the lack of high-quality light, like in the late evening or in a candlelit area.

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Shop The Tamron FE Lens Trio (A046, A063, A056) If You Need a Fast Aperture Lens!

The Tamron FE fast zooms feature cutting-edge autofocus technology, unbeatable optics, and unique features like moisture-resistant construction and fluorine coating.

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If you’ve been looking for a fast lens, Tamron is the right camera lens manufacturer for you. To buy new Tamron lenses, just find one of our authorized Tamron dealers in your area today.

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