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4 Simple Tips For “Insta-Worthy” Food Photography

Whether you’re a food blogger, a restaurant owner, or you just love taking pictures of food and documenting your experiences, the camera lens manufacturer experts at Tamron have put together some simple tips that will make your next food photos look amazing! Read on and learn more.

1. Use the Right Camera and Lens

Any DSLR or mirrorless camera will work, and your phone can even take great shots in a pinch! We recommend using the 35mm F2.8 Di III OSD F053 mirrorless lens for Sony E-mount cameras, and the 35mm F1.4 Di USD F045 for Canon and Nikon cameras. These lenses offer fast apertures, beautiful bokeh, exceptional image quality, and a low profile that makes them easy to take anywhere.

2. Take Photos with Lots of Natural Light

Natural sunlight brings out the best in all foods. Dim or artificial lighting makes food look washed out and unappealing. While some artificial light can be used, do your best to take your food photos in areas with plentiful sunlight. Use the fast apertures of the F053 or F045 prime lenses to gather all the natural light and blur out the extraneous background, which will keep the focus on the scrumptious dish.

3. Focus On “Dinner Table” And Close-Up Shots

Shooting from slightly above the food – like you’re sitting at the dinner table – is a great way to capture a large amount of food or different dishes.

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Close-up shots are also excellent for capturing fine details, like sauce on pasta, grains of sugar on cinnamon rolls, and the details of sandwiches sliced in half.

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4. Create an Artful Arrangement

Use your creativity to capture artistic, unique photos. For example, cut a slice out of a cake and display it next to the entire cake to capture both the overall shape of the cake and a picture of its interior at the same time.

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