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How To Hold a Telephoto Lens – Simple Tips & Advice

If you need to take long-distance shots without a tripod, you may end up with blurry, indistinct shots – unless you know how to hold your telephoto lens properly. Let’s discuss the basics with the camera lens manufacturer experts at Tamron and explore how you can get better results.

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1. Start with The Right Lens

For Sony E-Mount cameras, we recommend the 70-180mm f/2.8 Di III VXD A056 or the 150-500mm F5-6.7 Di III VC VXD A057. These mirrorless lenses for full-frame cameras have incredible AF architecture and many other standout features.

The A056, in particular, is good for hand-held shooting since it’s the most compact F/2.8 telephoto zoom lens in its class. And the A057 is a super compact ultra-telephoto zoom and provides vibration compensation (VC), for excellent hand-held shooting.

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2. Angle Your Body & Create A “Support Triangle”

Stand at a slight angle to your target. Then, bring your elbows close to your rib cage to form a “support triangle” that keeps your camera steady.

If you need extra support for a heavy lens, bring the elbow of the arm that’s supporting the lens closer to the center of your body. This helps “line up” your lens, elbow, and wrist, making it easier to hold the lens.

Be sure to hold the camera and lens from underneath and zoom from the bottom of the lens. Don’t zoom from the top of the lens.

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3. Control Your Breathing

Don’t take deep breaths. Instead, take short, shallow breaths as you frame, focus, and press the shutter on your target. Don’t hold your breath, either. This causes quivering and lens shake, which need to be avoided.

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4. Work the Shutter Gently

Gently move your finger down on the shutter. Pause halfway to let the image focus and depress the shutter slowly. A fast “jab” can cause the camera or your body to shake, ruining the shot.

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Shop Tamron Telephoto Lenses to Capture Amazing Shots

Ready to buy new Tamron lenses like the A056 or A057? The cutting-edge technology developed at our camera lens manufacturer means you’ll always get great results. So, shop now at authorized Tamron dealers near you, and see how much of a difference the right lens can make for your telephoto shots.

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