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Shooting Jack O’Lanterns – How to Get The Best Results

Nothing says “Halloween” like a jack o’lantern. Looking to capture some fantastic shots of fun, scary, or unique jack o’lanterns in your community? Read on for some tips on how to get the best results while shooting jack o'lanterns.

1. Start with The Right Lens

A zoom lens is great for up-close shots of jack o’lanterns from the mirrorless lens experts at Tamron.

Our recommendation would be the Tamron 28-200mm F2.8-5.6 Di III RXD A071 for Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras, or the Tamron 18-400mm B028 for Canon and Nikon mounts. These zoom lenses offer versatility and unique vibration compensation (VC) stability technology for clear, up-close shots of jack o’lanterns when shooting hand-held.

2. Play with Your Exposure Speed

Short exposures are good if you still have some evening light to illuminate the surroundings of the jack o’lantern, or if you only want the jack o’lantern itself to be visible.

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But consider playing around with your exposure speed. Lowering your shutter speed, particularly later at night, will let you see more of the background, and may even allow you to incorporate the night sky into the background.

3. Create A Composition

Don’t exclusively focus on the jack o’lantern itself. Think about how you can incorporate trees, porches, and other landscape elements around the pumpkin to create a more dramatic and visually interesting composition. You may even want to consider shooting more than one jack o’lantern at once!

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As a leading camera lens manufacturer in the US, Tamron has all of the lenses you need to get great results while photographing jack o’lanterns. Ready to buy new Tamron lenses? Visit one of your local authorized Tamron dealers and start shopping today.

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