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How to Capture the Best Images at Local, State and National Parks Using Tamron's 28-75mm F/2.8 Di III VXD G2 A063 lens

Parks are some of the calm places you can find rest, solace, relaxation, and scenic views that make you pull out your camera. Tamron’s A063 28-75mm F/2.8 Di III VXD G2 is a high-speed zoom lens explicitly made for cameras using the mirrorless lens. The lens produces high-quality dazzling photos with blurred backgrounds, making it an ideal choice for national park photography.

© Ken Hubbard
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What Makes Tamron’s A063 a Superior Choice for You?

1. High Optical Performance

The A063 has an impressive modern design meant to strike a balance between an attractive bokeh effect and high image quality. The lens comprises 17 unique glass elements, among them two GM (Glass Molded Aspherical) and two LD (Low Dispersion), which work together to produce high-quality shots with high resolution. They also help control unnecessary aberrations to yield stable resolution throughout the whole zoom range.

The elements are coated with Tamron’s proprietary Broad-Band Anti-Reflection G2 (BBAR-G2) that alleviates flare and ghosting, preserving sharp image quality. The A063 zoom lens also highlights all superb details across the entire focus plane and expresses all the smoothness and efficiency of a high-speed aperture lens.

Besides producing soft rendering yet clear, magnificent bokeh, and outstanding resolution, the A063 zoom lens captures and displays every minute detail of an object. The lens comes with an aperture comprising nine blades, enabling it to generate stunningly round defocused light points and images with distinctive features.

2. Low Weight and Compact Design for Outdoor Photography

The A063 lens is designed to be a standard zoom lens that is compact, lightweight, and fast for increased usefulness and versatility. It also offers maximum flexibility in all shooting situations. The design aligns with Tamron's characteristic human touch concept that emphasizes careful workmanship, a special sense of detail, and optimum shaping.

The lens weighs just 19oz. and has a length of 4.6” for maximum convenience and mobility. In addition to the lightweight and compact design, the A063 zoom lens has Fluorine coating on the front element and a construction that is moisture-resistant for maximum outdoor functionality under various weather conditions.

3. Captures All the Action with High-Speed, High-Precision AF

You can capture photos or videos of continually moving animals with top-notch precision thanks to the AF drive that has an VXD (Voice-coil eXtreme-torque Drive) motor unit. This autofocus system helps you to stay focused on the target. The motor offers fast and accurate focusing on moving objects within the field of view for smooth video shooting.

4. Get Closer to Any Subject and Enjoy the World of Wide Macro Photography

Macro photography refers to the art of capturing extreme close ups of a subject – usually something small like an insect or a flower – and making them appear larger than life size. Maybe you’re a fan of this style of photography already, or maybe the lens inspires you to take a stab at it; regardless the lens allows you to capture beautiful images of small things with intimate detail. At 7.1” at the wide 28mm end, this lens allows photographers to capture powerful shots at a maximum magnification ratio of 1:2.7 that emphasizes the perspective effects unique to wide-angle photography when shooting close-ups. In addition, at the telephoto end the MOD is 15”. The magnification ratio when using the longer 75mm focal length is 1:4.1, enabling close-up shooting with greater working distance.

5. Proprietary Software Tool TAMRON Lens Utility™ for Lens Function Customization

The Model A063 incorporates the new ‘TAMRON Lens Utility’ software which has been originally and uniquely developed by TAMRON to give our users more control over lens function customization that ever before. TAMRON Lens Utility can be operated using a computer by connecting the lens from its Connector Port via the optional TAMRON Connection Cable. Users can customize the functions and update the firmware through the lens. Each of the customizable lenses gives you the ability to make focus adjustments, customize the full-time manual focus override setup and customize the focus distance limiter, and make adjustments for the VC system. You can check the list of compatible lenses here. The personal customization gives flexible shooting options to match all the different shooting situations for both photo and video you find yourself in.

Recommended Tips for Taking the Best Park Photos

Target sunrise and sunset—sunrise and sunset produce beautiful dazzling morning and evening lights when the sun is along the horizon. This will enable you to capture gorgeous wildlife views to stock your memorable moments.

© Ken Hubbard
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Have a diversity of flora and fauna—in addition to fascinating wild animals, parks also have a vast collection of different species of plants to enhance the green and natural flavor of your photo gallery.

© Kenna Klosterman
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Try new things—the main objective of photography is to record memorable moments for the future. Parks have a secluded ecosystem that will expose you to very new things along the journey. Try out these new adventures while maintaining reasonable risks.

Shop Tamron’s Lenses Today—Get the Most out of Your Trip Any Time of Year to a Local, State or National Park

This guide has highlighted key features of Tamron's A063 lens and its applicability in a local, state, or national park and other nature photography adventures. With these tips and the right Tamron’s lens, you can be sure to reap the most from your park tour this year. Please find an authorized Tamron dealer to purchase superior Tamron lenses today.

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