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The Best Settings for Sunset and Sunrise Photos

There’s nothing quite like the golden hour. But if your sunset and sunrise photos never seem to turn out the way you want, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discuss the basics about how to set up your camera, choose the right lens, and get the best results from your next outing from the mirrorless lens experts at Tamron.

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Start With a Great Wide-Angle Lens

The Tamron 17-28mm f2.8 A046 mirrorless lens for Sony full-frame E-Mount cameras and the Tamron 11-20mm F2.8 Di III-A RXD B060 for mirrorless lens for Sony crop E-Mount cameras are ideal for sunset and sunrise shots, particularly for landscapes.

They’re both compact and lightweight while featuring large apertures and an ultra-wide-angle that helps you bring out the best in your subject during sunset and sunrise.

Tips For the Right Sunset and Sunrise Settings

So, how should you set your camera when taking golden hour shots? Here’s a quick guide.

Set low-to-mid-range ISO – An ISO between 200-800 should be fine for sunset and sunrise shots.

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Use a high aperture – A higher aperture such as f/11 or f/16 allows for a greater depth of field, which is typically ideal for landscape shots.

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Determine proper shutter speed – Use the Aperture Priority mode on your camera. The camera will pick the shutter speed based on the ISO and the aperture setting. If you need a longer exposure, you may need a tripod to keep the image stable. If your lens has image stabilization, be sure to turn it off when using a tripod to avoid blur.

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Consider focusing manually – Manual focusing may be necessary if you’re facing toward the sun’s intense light. If your autofocus is struggling, switch to manual focus to keep things looking crisp.

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Create a silhouette — point your camera at a bright area in the sky and depress your shutter release button halfway to lock in the exposure. With the button still halfway depressed, compose your photo and shoot. The camera will meter for the bright light and raise the shutter speed to get a proper exposure on the sky. This will darken the other elements in the image.

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Shop The Lenses You Need for Spectacular Sunset and Sunrise Photos

As a leading camera lens manufacturer, Tamron has the gear you need to photograph any subject. If you’re ready to buy new Tamron lenses like the A046 or B060, just check out our list of authorized Tamron dealers near you.

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