Common Questions

Tamron Lens Technology

Have you ever wondered what these acronyms stand for and what they mean? We are going to explain it to you in this month’s issue of Common Questions.

Tamron Di lenses are performance optimized for digital SLR cameras and usable with DSLR’s featuring full-frame and APS-C sensors.

Tamron Di II lenses are performance-engineered expressly for digital SLR cameras with image sensors commonly referred to as APS-C.

Tamron Di III is the designation Tamron gives to lenses engineered specifically for mirrorless cameras. Di III-A denotes lenses for crop sensor (APS-C) mirrorless cameras.

SP: Super Performance Specifications
Tamron SP series is a line of ultra-high-performance lenses designed and manufactured to the exacting specifications demanded by professionals and others who require the highest possible image quality.

Tap: TAP-In Console
The optional TAP-in Console provides a USB connection to your personal computer, enabling you to easily update your lens firmware as well as customize features including fine adjustments to the auto focus and VC. Compatible with models: F012/F013/F016/F017/A022/A025/B023


VC: Vibration Compensation
Tamron’s Unique State-of-the-Art In-Lens Image Stabilization System.
Capture your subject every time, even under unfavorable conditions. Tamron’s unique VC mechanism uses a proprietary actuator and algorithms to deliver an extremely stable view -finder image with excellent tracking. The mechanism uses 3-coil system to electromagnetically drive the lens element that compensates for vibration, which glides smoothly on three balls with little friction. This simple mechanical structure is one of the secrets to Tamron’s compact lenses.


X-Y VC Enhanced with Shift Compensation
An accelerometer has been integrated into Tamron’s highly accredited VC (Vibration Compensation) to compensate for Shake on the x-y plane. In unison with a gyro sensor, the accelerometer detects and enables motion compensation for camera shake, providing maximum efficiency in image stabilization optimized for all distance ranges from infinity to macro.

USD: Ultrasonic Silent Drive
USD is an ingeniously upgraded AF drive system developed by Tamron to deliver the extraordinary AF speed and precision needed to capture every nuanced high-speed action, along with virtually noiseless operation. This advanced electronically controlled AF system is linked to a precision focusing helical that moves the lens to the precise focus point. The result: a remarkable new level of AF speed, accuracy, smoothness, and silence.

HLD: High/Low Torque-Modulated Drive
Tamron introduces the HLD AF drive system. The excellent driving power of the all-new HLD enables stable and precise focusing. What’s more, the Full-time Manual Focus override allows you to make fine adjustments—without having to switch from AF to MF mode.

ASL: Hybrid Aspherical Elements Provide the Ultimate in Image quality and compactness
Tamron uses several hybrid Aspherical lens elements in many lenses bearing the Aspherical designation. Through the effective application of Hybrid Aspherical Technology, one lens element can take the place of multiple elements without compromising performance. This is what allows us to produce remarkably compact long-range lenses that deliver a uniformly high level of image quality at all focal lengths and apertures.

XGM: eXpanded Glass Molded Aspherical
The XGM lens element is capable of efficiently correcting aberrations in the angle of view that changes significantly with an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens. It has an especially significant impact on minimizing distortion and enhancing the sharpness of the image at its periphery.

LD & XLD: Low Dispersion and Extra Low Dispersion
Glass for Greater Lens Sharpness
LD glass elements in a lens help reduce chromatic aberration (color fringing) which reduces the sharpness of an image. Use of XLD lens elements allows greater control over chromatic aberration and magnification aberrations, the two major factors that inhibit image quality enhancement. In combination with LD elements, XLD elements are used to deliver the highest possible contrast, the finest detail.

FL: Fluorine Coating
This coating repels water and dirt, and makes it easier to wipe away smudges. The fluorine coating developed for the first time for use in Tamron photographic lenses, is based on technology developed during the course of our industrial lens production such as the lenses used in automotive cameras.


eBAND: Extended Bandwidth & Angular-Dependency
Tamron’s eBAND coating delivers a dramatic improvement in antireflection performance, significantly reducing flare and ghosting for clearer, crisper images.


FTM: Full-Time Manual Focus
Enables the user to manually adjust focus without engaging the AF/MF switchover button, even when in auto-focus mode.

ZL: Zoom Lock
Another original Tamron mechanical engineering concept is the Zoom Lock. A simple convenience feature that prevents undesired extension of the lens barrel when carrying the camera/lens unit on a neck strap.

FLX: Flex Zoom Lock
The Flex Zoom Lock mechanism quickly locks or unlocks the zoom at any position simply by sliding the zoom ring. Photographers can shoot from any angle without the zoom extending unintentionally.

MR: Moisture Resistant Construction
Moisture-resistant construction helps prevent water from penetrating the lens making it ideal for outdoor photography.

MP: Moisture-Proof Construction.
Moisture-Proof and Dust-Resistant Construction prevents intrusion of dust or moisture.

Tamron USA, Inc. was established in 1979 as the US sales and marketing subsidiary of the Japanese optics manufacturer Tamron Co., Ltd. located in Omiya, Japan. Tamron USA is comprised of two major divisions: Tamron Photographic Lenses and Tamron Industrial Optics Lenses. It is headquartered in Commack, NY, about 1 hour from New York City. Tamron USA distributes Tamron photographic lenses through its network of photo specialty retailers, online retails and mass retailers, and all photo products distributed by the US headquarters include a 6-Year Limited USA Warranty, access to firmware updates, and 3-Business Day Repair Turn-around at no extra charge.