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Product Lineup - Prime Lenses

Di Series
  • DiFor all SLR cameras
  • DiⅡFor APS-C format digital SLR cameras
  • DiⅢFor mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras
Lens Categories
  • Prime Lenses

For amateurs who are ready to take their hobby to the next level, or professionals who are looking to sharpen their craft even further, there is simply no substitute for a prime lens in terms of image quality.

Zoom lenses were born out of convenience, but prime lenses are a different animal entirely. As a camera lens manufacturer that deeply appreciates quality, Tamron has a particular fondness for the unparalleled images produced by prime lenses, which is why we’re proud to offer a varied lineup of these products designed to fit the needs of every type of enthusiast.

The Tamron SP 35mm F/1.4 Model F045 is designed for those accustomed to the performance of DSLR lenses. Ultra-sharp at the area of focus with velvet-smooth bokeh, this lens exemplifies all the best qualities of prime lenses. With high-speed focus and a range of other performance features, the Model F045 produces stunning images with every shot.

For a prime mirrorless lens that allows photographers to get up close and personal without losing any content, the 35mm F/2.8 Model F053 is ideal. This wide-angle fixed focal lens allows shots as close as 5.9-, resulting in strikingly artistic images with detailed subjects and blurred backgrounds. The Models F051 (24mm) and F050 (20mm) are also prime wide-angle mirrorless lenses, but they allow photographers to get even closer yet-as close as 4.7- and 4.3- respectively.

Mirrorless lenses are always an attractive option for their lightweight portability and their capability of producing strikingly blurred images; mirrorless prime lenses are particularly attractive in both regards because they can easily be packed along during hikes or other outings where especially beautiful artistic details might present themselves.

Though they take more skill to use effectively, prime lenses can create incomparable images that beautifully mingle quality with an artistic sensibility. To buy new Tamron lenses, find authorized Tamron dealers today.