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Product Lineup - Wide-Angle Zooms

Di Series
  • DiFor all SLR cameras
  • DiⅡFor APS-C format digital SLR cameras
  • DiⅢFor mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras
Lens Categories
  • Wideangle Zooms

For photographers, it simply feels sacrosanct to crop the grandeur of some scenes. Whether it’s a bustling city, a magnificent sprawling landscape, an ancient ruin, or something else entirely, the magnificence of certain sights requires a lens that can do them justice, which is why a wide-angle zoom lens should have a home in every photography bag.

As an innovative camera lens manufacturer, Tamron is proud to offer four different wide-angle zoom lenses, each of which provide their own unique advantages.

Our 17-35mm Model A037 gives a whole new meaning to convenience in the world of DSLR lenses. Not only does this lens produce outstanding images and a fast F/28 at the wider end, but it does so as the lightest and most compact product in its class. This means that the A037 is incredibly portable, so it’s easy to have on hand when the perfect scene presents itself.

For those who prefer a mirrorless lens, the Tamron 17-28mm Model A046 is similarly lightweight and portable in its own class of fast wide-angle zooms. With low dispersion lens elements, ultra-wide focal length, minimum object of distance, and a range of other features, this lens is all but certain to produce stunning images with every shot.

A wide-angle zoom lens that incorporates the finest points of all Tamron technology is the Model B023. This lens for crop-sensor DSLRs features a 10-24 mm focal length range and enhanced optical performance packed into a compact body so photographers can achieve unparalleled images everywhere they go.

The flagship wide-angle zoom lens in the Tamron lineup, the SP 15-30mm G2 Model A041 has minimized any potential for distortion or aberration through precise engineering so novices and experts alike can capture photos that are sharp and striking. Specialty glass, newly developed coatings, fast f/2.8 aperture, vibration compensation, and a range of other features make this lens versatile, simple to use, and durable.

A wide-angle zoom lens is the perfect addition to an arsenal of photography equipment; the only way to buy new Tamron lenses is through authorized Tamron dealers, so find a dealer today.