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I walked through New York in the winter. I think a trip can be completely different depending on the lens you carry, because you try to look at scenery to match the angle of view of the lens, and based on the F-stop, the viewpoint you highlight will also vary.

On this occasion I took just one lens out with me: the 28-75mm F/2.8 Di III RXD (Model A036) lens from Tamron. Perhaps because more than one third of New York’s population were born outside the country, or just that there is a low barrier to striking up a conversation with strangers here, I often get asked about the camera and lens I’m using while shooting. At these times I am reminded that the recognition of a lens from Tamron, whose head office is in Japan, is even higher in the United States than in its home country.

In terms of lens performance, the high image quality particular to fast aperture lenses has been well incorporated into a zoom lens, and this revelation struck me from the moment I snapped the first shot. While I think the sharpness and beauty of the in-focus points are brought out by the qualities of the bokeh in the defocused areas, those defocused areas are also highly expressive, and I found a picturesque finish to the shots that even surpassed my vision at the moment of the shooting.
Yearning for that surprise that exceeds your expectations, I continued to shoot everything I could.
I think I understand why so many people want to set their movies in this city.

Using this lens, I hope you will experience the unexpectedness of photos that exhibit greater expressive power than you had envisioned while shooting.